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Wooba™: a sustainable cosmetic packaging idea

Wooba ™ was born from the idea of giving a second life to 10 tons per day of excess wood chip waste created in the production plants of Minelli Spa, a world leader in solid wood processing and component manufacturing, with 85 years of experience.

Indeed, Minelli produces millions of premium quality wood caps per year. These are made using FSC and EUTR 995 certified wood, which means that it comes from responsively managed forests and it provides environmental, social and economic benefits to local communities.

As a by-product of the production processes, a large quantity of wood scrap is generated daily.

Thinking about this resource, Minelli Systems brought to life the idea of Wooba ™: a completely sustainable cosmetic packaging solution obtained by intelligently mixing the wood scrap with a biodegradable material derived from renewable resources.

By doing so, Minelli Systems achieves two important goals:

To recycle wood chip wasteTo create a cosmetic packaging with a unique design

But this is not all… Wooba™ has an incomparable added value!

When the jar is empty, you can turn it upside down, lift the “SEED ME” sticker and… surprise! You’ll find a seed that will help us “closing the loop”.