Cap Arnab’s Leap – Chinese New Year Gift Box

Cap Arnab, a classic Hainanese coffee brand from Malaysia, presents the Cap Arnab’s Leap gift box in celebration of the Year of the Rabbit. 🎁✨

The story revolves around a rabbit embarking on an adventurous journey, traversing mountains and valleys, encountering different places, making new friends, and experiencing various adventures. The visual design extends from various inner products, driving the overall adventure process. 🗻🚩

Nothing adapts as resiliently as coffee beans! Enduring high-temperature roasting, refining its essence and enticing flavour, then experiencing refinement to become a cup of coffee that can be enjoyed both steaming hot and ice-cold.

Just as coffee requires grinding for its fragrance, life requires challenges for its brilliance. Settling the past leads to welcoming new light! Wishing you to ride the waves like this rabbit 🐰 and leap forward with Cap Arnab’s Leap! ✨🧧🙌🏻