the Labelmaker: the Horse is Loose

the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

Salla White and Salla Red are my latest wine label update attempt to refresh the old wine label design of these two wines.

As in the previous version, the leading role is played by the horse’s head. In the original version from 2012, it was printed in black or red with strong transparent raised varnish. At the moment, I thought it would be great to keep the embossing effect on the head, but decided to make it golden for both wines. At the same time, I wanted to have even stronger contrast between the background of the label and the golden head and a smaller contrast between the label and the color of the bottle. So, I decided that instead of a light background, it would be best to have a black one.

In this way, the gold and the head stand out much more in the context of the whole wine label design. My mates from Dagaprint achieved the specific 3D embossing effect with a very unique domed gold technique. The background of the label is a matte soft-touch so that there can be some difference between the label and the bottle. The brand Salla White / Red is printed in dark gray so that there wasn’t too much contrast with the background. I also wanted to make it somehow pop out a little bit, so I added a raised varnish effect over it.

The bottles and both wines are Burgundy type, with a gold screw cap for the white wine and red with a red semi-metallic capsule for the red wine. With this wine label update, we wanted to create a modern, appealing wine label design that would bring fresh and contemporary spirit to these two great wines from the Salla tier.