Widarto Impact

Trenggalek Regency, East Java, Indonesia

BountyBrew is a microcoffee company driven by a creative passion to compete in the ready-to-drink coffee industry. With the Generation Z and millennial market growing, owners want to bring brands to connect with their audience intensely through design.

Maximizing social media as a communication tools, BountyBrew wants to stand out with a visual identity with character. Consistency is the key for this brand to be successful and able to survive. With the expansion of the product line in the future, of course, the brand foundation must be built firmly.

The goal of the first product launched by BountyBrew is how to serve cafe-quality coffee and tea that consumers can enjoy in their homes without having to go to a cafe. Therefore, we want the brand to appear not boring and conventional. This is one of the most effective ways to be able to compete in the market. Be different or not at all.

So how do we make the BountyBrew brand identity a competitive differentiator in the marketplace? We try to think beyond established brand design approaches. We design brands that young people can relate to and feel proud to share with their friends in real life and social media.

BountyBrew is designed to make you feel happy, and have a positive impact on your life. With a better life will automatically transmit positive energy to others.

Brands that make you feel better, with good taste need bright colors and an expressive visual identity. We chose Franklin Gothic URW as the BountyBrew Wordmark, this typeface is simple, confident, solid and dynamic.

For packaging design, we take a “mood” approach through expressive typographic designs with bright colors to convey cheerfulness and the type of product variant.