Studio Schoch AG develops the new brand design for the product innovation CoffeeB in collaboration with Delica AG.

CoffeeB is the product innovation from Delica. The capsule system without capsule. CoffeeB promises pure coffee enjoyment – without aluminum and plastic. Studio Schoch developed the brand design for it. The design combines sustainability with perfect coffee enjoyment.

The recyclable packaging of the Coffee Balls is wrapped in a sleeve that reflects the shape of the Coffee Balls. The logo in gold and the fine coffee plant illustrations in a delicate glossy finish lend the design its magic.

The machine packaging clearly focuses on the convenience aspect of the innovation. The product features and USPs are clearly highlighted by icons. The various accessories such as additional ball dispensers, tweezers, cups, etc. pick up the style of the machine packaging.

The logotype also closes the circle between sustainability and coffee enjoyment. The sans-serif typeface conveys the simplicity of the system and looks responsible in the combination of the B with the abstract representation of the ball.

Dominik Schoch (Owner and Creative Director), Tina Fuchs (Owner and Managing Director), Jil Huber (Consultant), Vera Loher, Anna Schobinger, Jennifer Phrakousonh und Yves Biber (Design).