Agency: Studio Schoch
Brand: SAINT 252
Packaging Content: Gin
Location: Switzerland

SAINT 252 – a Studio Schoch brand

SAINT 252 is the proprietary product from Studio Schoch. Together with the Humbel distillery, a limited edition dry gin was created. Each bottle was assembled and finished by hand. For gin connoisseurs and design enthusiasts who appreciate aesthetics, this is a true synthesis of the arts encompassing taste, feel and design.

The aroma of SAINT 252 is showcased particularly well in its distinctive bottle styled after an old apothecary vessel. The wide neck of the bottle allows the flavour of the gin to develop perfectly, while the stopper allows the aroma to be sampled before tasting begins. The design juxtaposes matt finishes with glossy elements, a contrast also present between the clarity of the gin and its richness of flavour. The gold elements of the typography convey the high quality and exclusivity of the product and also allude to the essential ingredient on which gin is based – grain. Each individual bottle was tinted by hand, making every one unique. The bottles were individually crafted and have each been furnished with a personal number. This accords them the character of a collector’s item.

Owner and Creative Director Dominik Schoch and his team are committed to ensuring that their proprietary products provide a select clientele with incomparable moments of pleasure, not only now, but in the future as well.