Café Royal – Ready to Drink Iced Coffee

Jil Huber

Agency: Studio Schoch
Creative Director: Dominik Schoch
Design: David Moore
Consultant: Tina Fuchs
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Delica AG
Packaging contents: Milk Coffees
Packaging Materials: Carton-sleve, Silverfoil (top)

Since 2014 Studio Schoch supervises the brand Café Royal. Newly, Delica is launching a Ready to Drink cup and enters into the market of iced coffee.

The lion, which is the trademark of the brand, emanates the brave and stylish features of the brand Café Royal. The illustrations show the character of the individual coffee blends and represent their taste. For the blend Extra Strong with guarana and extra caffeine a sexy lion promotes the coffee. On the cup of the Caramel blend, a beautiful lioness is smiling at you.