Luxardo Canned Cocktails


Los Angeles, CA, USA

About Luxardo Canned Cocktails

Since 1821, the Luxardo family has passionately crafted the finest spirits, liqueurs and cherries elevating cocktails around the world. In its 200th year, Luxardo launches its first Canned Cocktails, a playful yet premium expression of its iconic products. US importer Hotaling in partnership with Luxardo turned to drinks design agency The Rooster Factory to bring this new range of RTDs to life.

The Challenge

Our goals for this brand new Luxardo cocktails range packaging design were to:

  • Translate Luxardo’s Italian flair and heritage into its portfolio’s most social and extroverted expressions: an aspirational collection of premium canned cocktails, perfect for any on-the-go or at-home cocktail occasions.
  • Create an inviting, celebratory, sophisticated universe that would highlight the many facets of the famous Italian ‘Dolce Vita’ way of living.
  • Create a show-stopping packaging design that stands out on the shelf or the floor, breaks through the RTD category clutter and provides a refreshing new option for consumers


The Process

The first step was to define the design style. Inspired by the 1930s vintage posters that Luxardo was famous for, we went for minimalist Pop Art with bold fresh color blockings and a combination of positive and negative spaces.

Then we created a diverse gallery of typical Italian sceneries, places and/or social occasions. We carefully selected a limited number of objects or elements of landscapes that would immediately transport consumers to Italy – even if they’ve never been to Italy before – and invite them to enjoy an Italian cocktail. It was very important to preserve a stylistic consistency – the bright, summery Italian flair – to create a sense of collection, while creating very different scenes and using distinct strong monotone color codes for each can.

The Result

An ode to Italy, the classy line of ready-to-drink cocktails, playful, light, and bright in personality, is packaged in a perfectly portable format for every occasion:

  • the orange and yellow Aperitivo Spritz embodies the vibrancy and taste of Northern Italy – the home of Luxardo and birthplace of the spritz. It’s time for the Aperitivo hour, sat at a table with friends, under the shade of an umbrella, on a typical Italian piazza!
  • the blue and white Bianco Spritz is a refreshingly clear and lighter twist on the classic Italian Spritz. Best enjoyed watching the sea on an Italian private beach or by the pool!
  • the red and purple Sour Cherry Gin & Tonic highlights the rich flavor of the world-famous Luxardo Sour Marasca Cherries and the vibrant juniper. From the backyard patio of an Italian mansion overlooking a valley, watch the sun setting over blossoming cherry trees fields!