The Rooster Factory

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Introduction & task

A vibrant addition to the tequila market, Divertido Tequila is a new tequila brand produced by the owners of 4 Copas Tequila in cooperation with Maestra Tequilera Iliana Partida.

Our studio, The Rooster Factory, leveraged our expertise in brand creation and design, along with our deep understanding of the spirits industry and tequila category, to develop this exciting new brand. Given full creative freedom, we crafted an original concept, packaging design, and brand identity aimed at captivating consumers, breaking through the cluttered tequila landscape, and making a memorable impact on store shelves.


Our objective was to develop a concept rooted in Mexican culture that would resonate with both locals and visitors while delivering visual impact and allure to stand out from the competition.

Inspired by the rich tapestry of Mexican culture, we turned our attention to Lotería, a beloved traditional card game known for its vibrant imagery and communal spirit. Lotería, akin to bingo, is a cherished form of Mexican folk art comprising 54 colorful cards, each depicting iconic figures such as “el catrin” (the gentleman) and “la calavera” (the skeleton). This cultural gem embodies not only entertainment but also a sense of nostalgia, camaraderie, and identity.

Our vision was to elevate the Lotería game as the heart of our tequila brand, infusing each card with the distinct essence of our Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo variants. Embracing the spirit of playfulness, the brand was named ‘Divertido’, meaning “fun” in Spanish, and integrated playful graphic elements reminiscent of other well-known games in its packaging and visual identity.

Packaging design

Divertido encapsulates the vibrancy of joy, laughter, and cherished moments shared amongst friends, intertwined with the spirit of tequila. Beyond celebrating Mexican heritage, it presents a captivating visual universe that deeply connects with consumers, inviting them on a journey of cultural immersion and personal connection.

The label design seamlessly blends the charm of Loteria-inspired cards with the allure of casino table graphics. Each label features unique hand-drawn illustrations reminiscent of traditional Loteria cards, characterized by their retro style infused with vivid colors for a modern twist. These illustrations are interwoven with classic casino table elements such as dice, green hues, and numbers to bet, adding an exciting dimension to the design, and creating an invitation to play.

The brand name is prominently displayed using a font inspired by Mexican and saloon aesthetics. To elevate the elegance and impact of the design, the name is embossed and treated with golden foil and black overprinting for a striking contrast.

By creating a bespoke set of Lotería cards tailored to the tequila range, we sought to craft not just a beverage but a collector’s item—a treasure trove of Mexican culture and storytelling, a work of art that narrates a tale and mirrors the soul of each tequila variant:

  • Adorned with the lucky number 4 and a turquoise color reminiscent of a hopeful bright blue sky, La Juventud (“que tiene promises and sueños”), which embodies the youth’s promises and dreams, encapsulates the vibrant essence of the Blanco tequila cheerfully handcrafted in Jalisco. With its lively and smooth character, Divertido Blanco celebrates the spirit of the young and the young at heart!
  • Embracing the auspicious number 7 and the color of a warm sun, El Paraíso (“donde se disfruta de una felicidad exceptional”) – meaning “Paradise” – is where exceptional happiness is savored. Divertido Reposado, aged for 2 months in single-use Whiskey barrels, pays homage to the majestic beauty of the agave heart and the divine blessings of Mother Nature upon the Jalisco region.
  • With the revered number 9 and an earthy red embodying the color of the agave fields, La Alquimia (“que converse el mundo en excepcional”) is where the magic of transformation unfolds and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Aged for 12 months in American white oak barrels, Divertido Añejo embodies the pinnacle of alchemy, the perfect balance between agave distillation and wood maturation.