42 Airedale Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

NewFish brings together award-winning chefs and food technologists to create future-forward seafood products, the first of which being their Pāua Saucisson. A marriage of form and function, the materials are fully recyclable and designed to reflect the depth and textures of the magnificent of the Pacific, and Blackfoot Pāua.

Our packaging objective was to communicate the boutique, premium character of the product using a modern voice, through sustainable materials and treatments. The fundamentals of the design are the defining horizon line; a Pāua blue/green pulled from the depths of the pacific set against a striking white. These bold block colours create a strong silhouette, anchoring the embellishments that add tactility to the opening experience: the embossed base with its subtle bumpy feel, like a pitted Pāua shell, and the lid with its light iridescent debossing in the new-fish pattern, tying back to the brand identity.

The NewFish whole Pāua Saucisson is vacuum-packed in an easy-peel recyclable pouch to maintain freshness, within a telescopic box made of sustainably sourced SFI® and PEFC™ certified recyclable cardboard, designed and produced in Aotearoa New Zealand. We opted to use recyclable instead of compostable components as our packaging is designed to be easily separable and has a higher value being recycled into future products. Every carton is sealed with a unique tamper-proof holographic label bearing the Yú ‘fish’ character, denoting products of the finest quality. Each one is also marked with a traceable batch number and QR code.

Using a future forward design language that effectively balances crafted details with modern sensibility and materials, we created a distinct and premium packaging as unique as the product inside.



42 Airedale Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Creative Director: Noah Butcher
Team Members: Will Cook, Russell Haines
Photography : Jono Parker, Emile Hussell
Contributors: Nikki Withington — Square One – Production and sustainability direction Think Packaging – Structural box design Studio Chen Chen – Brand design Logick Print & Graphics Ltd – Box printing
Client: NewFish