Bahar Pouyan Sepahan printing company is one of the most advanced printing houses in the world and has a long history in this field and has always tried to use new methods in printing according to the daily needs of the society for new products with updated designs. take and show all kinds of printing effects on different materials.

Our goal was to create labels for several different categories, one of which was in the food industry in the oil sector. Therefore, a design should be created that is completely different from the existing #labels in the Iranian market and can compete with the labels outside of Iran. According to the research, the target audience of this category of #foodstuffs was mostly women, so I used the direct image of the sunflower to make women more connected with the product, and I also used high-contrast writing and backgrounds with a special font to make them more attractive.

The use of large-sized sunflowers in the center of the page to attract attention and direct reference to the subject, and the use of a special font, with black and matte velvet effects and highlighted in a completely white and minimal space, and to further connect the customer with the product. that every person will fall in love with it after touching it.

Also, the 3D gilding effect is used in the leaves and petals, which makes anyone fly after seeing and touching it. Also, after touching the velvet effect on the font and writings, it has been tried to evoke exactly the feeling of touching a sunflower leaf in the mind.


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