Vinhos Espumantes, Selecção de Enófilos

Ana Clemente

Lisboa, Portugal

The relaunch of the Selecção de Enófilos brand was the challenge launched by Intermarché, where one of the highlighted categories is sparkling wines. Through the creation of a strong visual identity, the aim was to reinforce trust in the brand and at the same time, highlight the range in the linear, attracting new consumers. For this range of sparkling wines the label was designed to be elegant and lively, with a soft but luminous color palette.

The illustrations of the wild rose (Rosa Sempervirens), a spontaneous plant, adorn the label and highlight the link between rose bushes and the vineyard. Roses are used by many producers as indispensable allies in the prediction and control of pests.

What nature offers us is celebrated and ecological awareness is reinforced, attributes that place the Selecção de Enófilos as a successful brand.