OSKI is a handcrafted, small batch dry gin which is a result of a balanced mix of natural botanicals. The company approached us to create a look and feel for a new Armenian gin brand, where Armenian thyme plays a crucial role as the main ingredient.

Since the gin is small batch and craft, we challenged ourselves to convey that idea with the help of a label.

The Oski label consists of 7 layers, each of which has its own material, color, texture, and meaning.

Handcrafted layer – OSKI is a handcrafted gin and after a long search, the ideal craft texture of the paper has been found which emphasizes that advantage of gin.

Copper layer – The shiny layer on the packaging, made from genuine copper, represents the copper alembic which is used during the production process.

Mountain layer – Gray color of the layer is dedicated to Armenia – the origin of OSKI gin – and Armenian mountains where precious treasures of botanicals are hiding.

Botanicals layer – Vertical striped embossed paper shows the variety of local botanicals used in gin and grown in Armenia – thyme, cardamom, coriander and many more.

Thyme layer – OSKI is the world’s first gin with Armenian thyme. The green layer of naturally generated paper on the packaging signifies the subtle but defining quality of thyme, making it the backbone of OSKI’s composition.

Unfiltered layer – OSKI is a dry, unfiltered gin distilled from 100% grain neutral spirit. The white layer of paper conveys that through its rough texture and surface.

OSKI layer – This is the last step in gin making, where all the ingredients are brought together in a result of which a pure, clean product has been created. Horizontal lines symbolize the final and balanced recipe, and white color – the purity of the drink.That’s why our brand name is “OSKI” which means gold in Armenian – metal in its purest form.

All papers are individually glued by hand.
By changing the position of the 7 layers, we can get 5040 unique bottle looks.


Art director: Karen Gevorgyan
Positioning strategy, copywriting: Ani Gevorgyan
Illustrator: Armenak Grigoryan
Graphic designers: Karen Gevorgyan, Armine Petrosyan, Lilit Avetisyan
Photography: Arnos Martirosyan
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