New Year’s Eve label design creates a festive mood, everything you need for a pleasant meeting with friends and family.

We used laconic illustrations, which are associated with the New Year and Christmas, as the basis of the design concept. Christmas trees and their decorations, sweets and presents, combined with the color palette of the labels reflect the richness, tartness and depth of taste of the drink.

We also developed a case-box, which holds up to 12 jars of mulled wine. Such a set can be used as a gift. For this purpose on the back side of the lid we allocated a place for greetings, so the present will be twice as nice to get 🎁

You can use the box several times if you want😌

Fully ready to drink, if desired the mulled wine can be heated to at a temperature of 50-60 ° C. The hot and warming mulled wine will give you lightness and  Its thick spicy flavor envelops you and creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Cozy, comfortable and warm. Excellent warming in cold and wet weather.