FUNGICHOCO – healthy “mushroom” chocolate

Mihail Pirogov

FUNGICHOCO – healthy “mushroom” Chocolate

It is known that mushrooms are very healthy food; they cure diseases, support health and help replenish various vitamins. That is why we developed our eco-line of bitter chocolate with mushrooms.

Name and logo
The name comes from the Latin word “fungi,” which means mushrooms.
The logo is depicted as a mycelium.

The packaging is made of recycled pressed paper with embossing.
Chocolate is packed in BOPP polypropylene film.

The chocolate is available in two variants:

RELAX: Contains 75% bitter chocolate and fine powders of wild mushrooms – reishi, lamb’s mushroom and others. It contains a full range of ingredients that provide calm and tranquility, improve sleep as well as concentration.

ACTIVE: Contains 75% bitter chocolate and finely dispersed powders of fruiting bodies of wild mushrooms – cordyceps, ginkgo extracts and others. Contains a full range of components, energizing the brain and has a nootropic effect.

FUNGICHOCO chocolate contains no dairy products, gluten or GMOs.