Scarpantoni School Block

David Byerlee

Adelaide SA, Australia

Scarpantoni ‘School Block’ has been a go-to wine amongst loyal South Australian fans for decades. Adored and trusted as a consistently impressive red blend at an affordable figure. Following Scarpantoni’s recent rebrand, School Block received a necessary design overhaul with bottle, cap, label and embellishment upgrades, along with a strong emphasis on the brand’s history. Purposeful steps were taken to modernise and strengthen the package, whilst maintaining the product’s strong recognisability.

To maintain a balanced wine each vintage, School Block’s varietal blend will differ as Mother Nature plays her roll in the vineyard. To emphasise this winemaking artistry, a varietal graph now takes the stage on the rear label.

This marks the first major overhaul of the product since its inception in 1992; resulting in a refined ‘Modern Classic’.