Diggle’s Artisan ales

Dusan Sol

Čačak, Serbia

Logo & label design for Diggles Artisan ales brewery in Brisbane. The project’s aim was to create nostalgic and retro feel branding and with the iconography and illustration to pay respect to the tradition and family heritage. Main illustration, the figure of the old man is the owner’s grandpa. Small bird carry had the same name as the owner’s mother he respected and wanted to have that symbolism presented as part of the branding.

Story – In 1855, pioneer colonial scientist, artist, and musician, Silvester Diggles arrived at the remote outpost of Brisbane, Australia, and the first thing he did upon his arrival enjoy a traditionally brewed English ale. Our traditional English ales reflect the historical and pioneering atmosphere of the Brisbane area – when the river was blue, the buildings were small, and the streets were dirt.