Dusan Sol

Čačak, Serbia

American Single Malt Whiskey

Lancaster Craft Spirits is a distillery & brewery located in the historic Edward McGovern Tobacco building, built circa 1880.  After years of brewing premium beer, they are releasing the first American single-malt whiskey. Launching Lancaster Craft explores unique synergies and innovative methods.

Patience, attention to detail, and the finest quality grains and molasses enable us to unlock the potential in every reaction, ingredient, and slow, steady distillation. As long-time craft brewers, flawless fermentation is naturally an obsession. Our proprietary yeast, working at precise temperature points throughout an extended fermentation, imparts the distinctive flavours and rich mouthfeel that makes the difference in our finished spirits.

“We’re proud to practice our craft in the heart of Lancaster County where a hand-shake still means something, and where genuine craftsmanship, hard work and stubborn self-reliance remain part of everyday life.”

Illustrations and Label Design: Dusan Sol

CGI Visuals: Amit Chippa