Daniela Merkel Design

Planetenstraße 54, 40223 Düsseldorf, Deutschland

Domkaiser and the designer were important in the brand and packaging design to create a basic basis as a future umbrella brand. That is, other drinks from the house, such as liqueurs, vodka and schnapps, should be and are already adapted with this design and visually fit together wonderfully. And throughout in different bottle shapes and sizes.

The focus of the design elements, partly consisting of the logo itself such as the outer shape of the twisted square, the crown or the element „spade“, can be found everywhere as a recognition value in detail. The same applies to the primary colors black and gold. The additional colored variety coding, the secondary color, thematically matches the beverage and thus not only stimulates the taste, but also gives room for emotionality.

Overall, the entire product range falls beautifully on the shelf and stands out from competitors. Overall, it was important to the company and the designer to create a visual modern interpretation of traditional craftsmanship, coming from a local region Magedeburg. Values such as quality, know-how and genuine honest manufacture are perfectly embodied here with this bottle. This is reflected in the choice of exciting font copy position, contrasting colors and emblematic design.

Are we excited about many more drinks from this series and say Cheers to this edition!