Domkaiser Gold Vodka Special Edition

Daniela Merkel Design

Planetenstraße 54, 40223 Düsseldorf, Deutschland

Domkaiser Gold Vodka, Special Edition, Beverages

This vodka does not only stand out due to its extraordinary appearance, making the gold mist inside dance before your eyes, but it is also produced by a completely new process.

While vodka is often made from potatoes, this vodka was made from apples without tasting even a hint of apple. How this is done remains the secret of the traditional distillery in Magdeburg – made in Germany.

As a result, this Special Edition from Domkaiser belongs to a very high-quality premium product niche. A drink for special occasions and golden moments, so to speak!

At first glance, it seems clear and pure, but with a gentle shake, the gold flakes just dance before your eyes. A magical gold mist has an almost meditative effect when looked at closely. In order to give this spectacle a proper stage, a remarkable golden look-through has been granted. Only the back label extends over the entire bottle with its interesting double-sided print. Black, white and gold are the primary colours in this design, the secondary colour encodes the variety.

By choosing the special bottle shape, the elaborately sealed cork and its detail-loving closure technique, it may even remind some people of a perfume bottle.

Exclusivity is lived in every single bottle. Each bottle is hand-applied with gold and sealed with wire and a blomb.

With the brand design, Domkaiser and the designer were keen to create a basic foundation for this drink as a future umbrella brand that stands for the modern interpretation of traditional craftsmanship, coming from the Magedeburg region. Values such as quality, know-how and genuine honest manufacture are perfectly embodied here in this bottle. We are looking forward to many more drinks from this series and say Cheers to this Special Edition!