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F301, Second Floor Chaudhury Prem Singh House, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110030


Epique is a line of exclusive skincare products built on the superior quality of its plant extracts, marketed in Turkey, India and set to expand to other countries. Seeking a more luxury position, Epique approached us to redesign its packaging.


We realised that Epique’s strength derives from its parent’s 75 year heritage as a maker of superior plant extracts for the world’s leading pharmaceutical and cosmetics brands. Its claim of excellence is rooted in science. Therefore, Epique’s approach to luxury needed to occupy a third space. It would live in the triangle formed by beauty, science and nature.


A new, emphatic brand unit was developed to dominate the pack. This makes it strikingly visible on the shelf, based on a study of its main merchandising environments. Epique is represented by its phonetically prominent letter rather than its initial. In addition the letter Q is a carrier for mystique and femininity. It is styled as a pair of leaves, rendering it with softness and femininity. This offsets the quasi-scientific tone of the packaging, in keeping with third-space principle. Lettering Nestled in the Q the brand name and country of origin in a classic typeface that harks back to the period of the birth of modern fashion.

Visual style

Epique’s evokes luxury through a visual style based on an economy of gesture. It is a hushed style. Materials, colour and typography support the identity in achieving this. The solid green creates a colour blocking effect on the shelf. Its hue suggests nature but also the clinic, picturing Epique as natural and scientific at once, in keeping with the third space it occupies. Pearlescent surfaces contrasted with hyper-reflective finishes enhance Epique’s luxury and clinical feel. Epique’s tone of voice is aloof and its vocabulary is technical and follows a botanical nomenclature. Its embellishments add to the tone, employing typography suitable for both informative labelling and fashion. Epique fits in the laboratory, clinic or beautician’s studio. Impact Epique’s third-space position allows it to occupy its chosen shelves with greater relevance and legitimacy giving it a confident presence. The packs justify the premium pricing of its product. For the longer term, it build a brand platform bullet on its inherent strengths: beauty which comes from natural care, enhanced by science.


Itu Chaudhuri Design

F301, Second Floor Chaudhury Prem Singh House, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110030
Creative Director & Writer: Itu Chaudhuri
Design Concept: Ashok Dey, Niloy Kundu
Design Development: Ashok Dey
Illustrator: Ashok Dey
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