According to the studies of the Institute of Ethnic Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, green tea also has the effect of cooling, refreshing, helping with good digestion, refreshing mind, preventing darkening of the face, reducing pimples… Tea is also a kind of detoxification effect. Drinking special tea reduces the CO2 poisoning of coal furnace workers or alcohol poisoning. The special tea water cleans wounds, rough spots or jagged marks very effectively, helping quickly to young skin… In green tea, there are many vitamins C, B2 increase resistance, anti-aging, help wake up refreshed, limit the risk of cardiovascular diseases: low back pain, seclusion; Helps prevent high blood pressure, prevent blood sugar spikes, kill viruses, support weight loss. There is also an interesting statistic that in countries like India, China, and Japan, where tea is considered a daily health drink, arthritis disease is significantly reduced compared to other parts of the world. Immortal stories about green tea will surely captivate those who are “admiring” about a drink that “invites” people to come back to nature.

Client: CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN TẬP ĐOÀN NTEA VIỆT NAM – NTEA GROUP.,JSCPackaging Design: Webee DesignGraphic Designer: Hai Hoang
Published: 2021

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