HG Medical Packaging Design (BIO SUN)

Hai Hoang

BIO SUN recommends: For workplaces, disinfect at least once a day for floors, walls, tables and chairs, objects, potentially exposed surfaces, and restrooms. Locations with frequent contact such as doorknobs, stair handrails, handrails, elevator buttons, electrical switches, computer keyboards, remote controls, and shared phones need to be disinfected. at least 2 times/day. Turn off electronic devices, and light switches before disinfecting. Dirty surfaces must be cleaned with soap and water prior to disinfection.

Prioritize disinfection by cleaning. Disinfect with common detergents or solutions containing 0.05% active chlorine after mixing to wipe surfaces. Note that you only need to mix enough to use during the day, do not leave the mixed solution until the next day because the active chlorine content in the solution is no longer enough to disinfect. For non-waterproof surfaces and items such as air conditioner remotes, televisions, light switches, computers, phones, and other shared electronic devices, a solution containing at least 60% should be used. alcohol to disinfect by using a clean cloth dipped in alcohol and wiping the surface, let it dry naturally, and do not rinse with water. Note to turn off electronic devices, and light switches before disinfecting. Sanitizers need to use rubber gloves and wear masks when cleaning and disinfecting the working and living environment

.In principle, all contaminated areas, suspected of being contaminated and at risk of spreading the disease to the community must be well disinfected. Chlorine-containing compounds only have a bactericidal effect when dissolved in water to form a solution (at this time, chlorine-containing chemicals release active chlorine with a bactericidal effect), so absolutely do not use Use chlorine-containing compounds in the form of pure powder for disinfection treatment.

Chlorine-containing solutions will reduce their effectiveness over time, so only mix the required amount and use it as soon as possible after mixing. It is best to only mix and use during the day, should not be prepared for storage. If not used up within the day, it must be covered, protected from light, and planned to use as soon as possible.


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