Molson Coors Beverage Company has unveiled Roxie, a zero-proof canned cocktail with 100% attitude and 0% alcohol. The new brand, developed in collaboration with global brand design partnership, BrandOpus, is Molson’s first ever line of zero-proof cocktails and part of a wider strategic pivot to broaden its portfolio and cater to all drinkers.

Roxie meets the needs of those who are looking to feel good about their choice to participate in drinking occasions with or without alcohol. Inspired by craft cocktails with a twist, Roxie is packed with flavour, a hint of intrigue, and a whole lot of attitude – without the booze. The innovation from Molson Coors responds to a wider shift in the market towards non-alcoholic drinks: recent data from IWSR shows that the non-alcoholic beverage category is expected to grow by 27.6% among 21- to 25-year-olds.[1]

Molson Coors’ own research had shown that consumers didn’t want a non-alcoholic version of an existing cocktail; something that would create the feeling of making a compromise. Instead, Roxie’s line-up of three different varieties – Ripe with Passionfruit, Forbidden Pineapple, and Lost in Mango – mirror a craft cocktail experience with complex flavour profiles.

The brand had to similarly reflect the need for no compromise and be true to Roxie’s promise of delivering 100% attitude with 0% alcohol. Roxie is bold and fierce – empowering drinkers to embrace any drinking occasion with ‘Zero Fox Given’ about choosing a zero-proof option. This is embodied by its brand symbol, the fox, which captures the independent and enigmatic personality of drinkers ready to forge their own path. A subtle twist in the fox symbol gives Roxie movement, whilst also acting as a nod to the stirring motion of a cocktail.

The fox tail graphic works flexibly across the entire brand world, enabling it to seamlessly build equity online. Teal, the lead colour, reflects a sophisticated cocktail occasion, whilst individual pops of colour on-can allude to the unusual flavour profiles within, brought to life with the wordmark – a bespoke piece of typography created by Alison Carmichael exclusively for Roxie. BrandOpus also collaborated with illustrator Nick Matej to craft a distinct set of cocktail illustrations which speak to the enjoyment of a drinking occasion, the Roxie way.

“Roxie is the brand that empowers people to be a part of the moment, celebrating the choice to drink and not drink alcohol,” says Jamie Wideman, Vice President of Innovation at Molson Coors Beverage Company. “That’s where Roxie shines, it packs layers of flavorful complexity, delivering a line of zero-proof cocktails built for those who want to moderate their drinking, abstain or simply sip on something fantastic.”

Alice Waterman, Managing Director, BrandOpus US added: “In Roxie, Molson Coors has created a product which speaks to two of the fastest growing segments in the drinks space: non-alcoholic and canned cocktails. The belief driving the innovation was always that drinkers shouldn’t have to compromise on experience if they picked zero-proof. Roxie delivers on just that, with a brand that advocates for consumers to own their drinking experience, their way – with or without alcohol.”

Roxie has launched exclusively online, and it can be purchased directly by consumers at