Design: BrandOpus
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Britvic
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Natural energy drink

Global brand-led creative agency BrandOpus has created a refreshed identity for natural energy drink brand Purdey’s, which aims to grow the cult classic to a mainstream brand.

Through a semiotic study, BrandOpus uncovered that there was an opportunity to better decode the brand’s naturalness and help consumers intuitively understand the product’s benefits and flavours. To thrive in the natural energy space, Purdey’s needed to elevate its existing packaging, imbuing its recognisably metallic look and feel with more natural cues. Drawing inspiration from the drink’s feel-good energy and fresh fruity flavour, the new, naturally upbeat identity is more distinctive and accessible.

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Key design details of the refresh include the introduction of a ‘Prism’ symbol to the word mark, capturing the brand’s unique take on natural multi-dimensional energy within, whilst reflecting the idea of transformation. A sleek yet confident typeface, giving the overall look and feel a softer and brighter aesthetic alludes to the freshness and naturalness of the drink. The retention of the brand’s distinctive and premium core colour palette: the silver canvas has been overlaid with pops of colour to inject a sense of liveliness, whilst a gradient style brings a ‘gentle lift’ of energy. The addition of bold, abstract illustrations into the brand world to cue the delicious fruitful flavours and emotional benefits of each variant – ‘Rejuvenate’, ‘Refocus’, ‘Replenish’ – and create an ownable and dynamic treatment.

John Ramskill, executive creative director, BrandOpus, comments: “Because Purdey’s taps into energy at a holistic level, we wanted to craft a visual expression that truly captured the brand’s unique take on natural vitality. The recharged identity heightens Purdey’s positioning by bringing relevance and meaning at a brand level. By introducing the ‘Prism’ symbol within the logo, we set out to tell the story of Purdey’s transformation that happens within. It’s a powerful tool in the brand’s armoury, helping to drive differentiation, memorability and meaning quickly and non-cognitively.”