Ponzi Vineyards, a pioneering winery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley acquired by Groupe Bollinger in 2021, unveils a new identity for its line of premium Laurelwood District AVA Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Reserve Pinot Noir and Single Vineyard collection. The new identity, created by BrandOpus, aims to encapsulate the Oregon landscape coupled with the art of wine making. Conceived by branding agency BrandOpus and developed under the direction of Groupe Bollinger EVP USA and Ponzi Vineyard CEO Jean-Baptiste Rivail, the new branding is available in markets nationwide this fall. With this new visual identity, Groupe Bollinger are showing their commitment to growth in the U.S. market.

The new design is centered around four expressive, earth-toned brushstrokes which root the brand in the Oregon landscape, whilst embracing earthy artistry. Key elements represented include the blue sky, fir forest, rolling mist, and the Laurelwood AVA’s loess and volcanic soils. Beauty in simplicity, the ethos of Ponzi Vineyards, is revealed in these simple yet elegant colors. The layered brushstrokes also hint to the winery’s gravity flow process and the philosophy of working in tandem with nature. The hand-written wordmark is inspired by original founder, Dick Ponzi’s own signature, setting a more personal tone and connecting to the people behind every bottle.

Dick and Nancy Ponzi planted their first vine in 1968, at a time when there were only a handful of wineries in the area. In 2021, Groupe Bollinger acquired Ponzi Vineyards – the family-owned company’s first property outside France. Longtime winemaker Luisa Ponzi remains at the helm, collaborating with key figures from Groupe Bollinger domaines: Champagne Bollinger, Champagne Ayala, Domaine Chanson in Burgundy, Langlois-Château and Domaine Hubert Brochard in the Loire Valley, and Delamain in Cognac.

“This marks an exciting new chapter for Ponzi Vineyards,” said Luisa Ponzi, Director of Viticulture and Winemaking at Ponzi Vineyards. “Our new labels represent the fundamental elements of the Willamette Valley, our beautiful winery and our artful wines. They signal a confirmation of the shared commitment to producing cool climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay of the highest possible quality.”

Jean-Baptiste Rivail, CEO, Ponzi Vineyards, commented; “We sought to convey an energy and a joie de vivre that is at the core of Ponzi Vineyards. This new visual identity is a celebration of earthy artistry, simple elegance of our terroir and the greater Oregon elements that make this work possible. BrandOpus are true partners in the pursuit of meaningful identity. Working closely, we found the balance to create an identity which ready’s Ponzi Vineyards for the future to come.”

Paul Taylor, Chief Creative Officer, BrandOpus commented; “With Oregon as their canvas and the elements of their palette, Ponzi Vineyards elevates winemaking to a distinctive artform. The new identity captures this in a simple yet sophisticated expression of the passion and dedication that goes into every bottle. Visiting the vineyards in the Willamette valley is a special experience, which we have sought to convey through the crafted label.”