Established in 1986, Escale Bleue is located in Le Tremblet in Saint-Philippe, Reunion Island, and specializes in both the production and preparation of vanilla.

After 10 years of research, Escale Bleue decides to evolve the very concept of ripening and present its own vision of vanilla: Blue Vanilla. The result is an exceptional product: a vanilla that retains all its beauty, without dehydration or denaturation, while having an intense aroma and improved taste characteristics.

The product is marketed under the name “Vanille Bleue” in tribute to the ancestor’s farmers who said that a plant was “blue” when it was beautiful and healthy.

This exquisite delicacy, LA PÂTE DE VANILLE BLEUE, is a small concentrate of creativity: designed as a fruit paste, the fruit pulps have been replaced by those of Blue Vanilla whose pods are entirely edible. Creation of this case in the image of the softness of these domes, A half-circle box dressed in its custom-made illustrations tinted with shades of blue. Each dough is delicately placed on a support in the shape of a vanilla flower which allows you to enjoy it without getting your fingers dirty.

Job Scope:
Design packaging
Identité packaging