Sober Spirit – Alcohol-Free Spirits

2S Global Design

Sober Spirits stands as one of the pioneering French brands offering alcohol-free spirits crafted from real liqueurs. Its rum and gin, with flavors true to nature, align with the growing trend of zero-alcohol beverages.

Forget the intoxication, as long as we have the taste.

Sober Spirits approached the agency to create the brand universe for this new range. Our creative concept, The Collage, rejects all doctrines and normative models, defying rules. It transports, disrupts, destabilizes, and seeks to provoke unlikely encounters. The collage breaks free from a realistic description of reality. The fragments used lose part of their identity but gain a new, equally identifiable one. A concept mirroring this new brand of alcohol-free spirits, adaptable across all communication platforms. Iconography and graphic guidelines blend themes, textures, and images.

Our choice of a simple bottle aligns with the design norms of spirit glassware. It was essential for Sober Spirits to be identified as an alternative to spirits and visually belong to their category.