Tasting Box – La Baleine A Cabosse

Tasting Box – La Baleine A Cabosse


Embark on a taste adventure with our latest creation for La Baleine à Cabosse: a “Chocolate World Tour” tasting box, in which every detail is carefully crafted to offer you a delightful experience.

To bring this tasting a touch of originality, we designed a unique cardboard tray, providing a dynamic presentation of the chocolate discs. This arrangement instantly arouses the desire to indulge. The staggered paper wedge ensures good protection for the chocolates during transportation, guaranteeing a preserved tasting experience.

Inside this chocolate gift box, as pleasant as it is playful, you will discover a collection of 20 discs from 10 carefully selected regions.

A detailed booklet guides this exploration, displaying the unique features of each region. To refine your palate, a flavor wheel is printed on the back of the booklet to identify those taste nuances that often escape you, adding an even more sensory dimension to your tasting experience.