The first IoT ball of its kind


Bownce is the first IoT ball of its kind. This innovative fitness device is designed to reinvent the way you train. Due to integrated electronic components, bownce tracks your performance and visualizes it in the bownce app.

The values of our brand: innovation, positive social impact, and sustainability.

The packaging aims to follow brand codes, articulate brand narratives, and remain functional. This is especially challenging with heavy products like ours (5,2 kg).

The original idea of this packaging design is to minimize the number of elements and arrange all the parts of the device as space-savingly as possible. The unusual construction of the box implies that all the pieces are lined up on the same level, and the lid is pressed against the top.

We make the packaging so that the maximum number of boxes is placed in the pallet, thereby optimizing transportation.

Box labeling includes the size and color of the ball, making it easy to organize the product in the warehouse and increasing the speed of picking.

Regarding the choice of materials, we use paper pulp in our packaging, reducing manufacturing costs and the consumption of raw products and energy. The box is 100% recyclable.

“Simplicity should be found in execution, not in the idea. We based our packaging on the desire to bring functionality to perfection” – Maksim Arbuzov, Brand Director.