Tāmras Gin is a small-batch dry gin that takes inspiration from the exotic botanicals of India and the tradition of copper-distilled gin.

With a vision of a 200-year-old Portuguese beach house in Goa as the backdrop, we created a packaging design that captures the warm, informal, and relaxed atmosphere of the brand. We chose the font Mrs. Eaves as the primary header, which adds a unique and mysterious touch, while a versatile sans-serif font, National 2, serves as the body text. The brand’s colour palette is anchored on midnight blue, with a contrasting secondary palette of sandy brown.

To bring the brand to life, we created illustrations that embody the Tāmras world, complete with ornamental frames, custom numbers, and 3D environments. The bottle’s label design is a looping screen print that reflects the world of Tāmras and sets it apart in the Homegrown Indian Gin category. With its unique and distinctive design, Tāmras Gin is sure to stand out on the shelves and evoke a feeling of depth, discovery, and distillation.