控因咖啡 decaf coffee

In the new consumer goods market, coffee can be said to be a relatively popular category, and there are already many mature brands in this category in market. How cutting-edge brands stand out from the encirclement, so we need to work hard on packaging design.

Decaffeinated coffee is designed with caffeine consumed in a healthy way and total daily caffeine intake should not exceed 400mg. In terms of packaging and color matching, the three themed coffees adopt three major area color systems, combined with high-saturation circular color blocks, to enhance the vision of the picture and highlight the texture.

The two combined to accentuate the layering on the wrap. It can also echo the main and auxiliary colors and use them harmoniously. At the same time, the brand name is enlarged on the font, which is very eye-catching, and can also highlight the product, which is convenient for users to quickly identify. The chemical formula of caffeine is C₈H10N₄O₂.

Bringing chemical formula into coffee packaging is also a highlight of this design.