Велико Търново, България

The Brand:
Dulmone is a Bulgarian bio-beekeeping brand, focusing on premium honey, jams and mixes. They offer exquisite tastes to sweet tooth enthusiasts, that are looking to explore new varieties and combinations. The initial batch of varieties was 21, with a Bulgarian and English local version for each label.

The Problem:
With this came the key design challenge, which was developing a coherent and scalable design system, that makes identification of the brand as easy as possible, while still retaining the ability to add new varieties as the brand grows.

The Solution:
As a result, we designed a bold and noticeable system, that demonstrates high-end quality, while still looking mouthwateringly fresh to sweet lovers all around.

The brand has been adopted throughout the Bulgarian bio and high-end supermarket chains, in their higher-class bio-food sections.