Energovit – a boost of energy!



To develop a label for the line of biologically active food supplements “Energovit”

A boost of energy

Energovit is a brand of dietary supplement (BAA) for maintaining energy and increasing physical and mental activity. It contains a complex of vitamins and minerals, as well as extracts of herbal ingredients.


One of the main focuses of this label is the flavour zone of the bar. The front part is implemented with a rounded and smooth geometry of the letters. The symbolic image of a battery is associated with a source of energy and reminds the consumer that this bar can give him an additional boost of energy for mental and physical activity. The slogan of the Ekzon enterprise – turn on health is specially paraphrased for this TM – turn on the energy.

In general, all elements of design are aimed at attracting the attention of consumers, highlighting the benefits of the bar and convincing them of its usefulness in increasing energy levels and activity.