521 Warsaw Dry Gin

Mateusz Piotrowski

Warsaw, Poland

521 Warsaw Dry Gin is a small batch of craft gin created to celebrate the city of Warsaw and the Vistula River that flows through it. Along the 521 kilometers of the river lies the bustling city but also its wilder, more primal side. The river banks are home to an abundance of herbs and flowers, some of them blended to complement the distinctive character of 521 Gin.

Looking from the meadows, through the river you can see the cityscape from a different perspective. We want to capture that feeling by using a double-sided label. On the inside a tinted photograph gives the bottle and the liquid a subtle blue color. A fleeting feeling of freedom and wilderness, just outside the urban landscape. The edges of the label are also exposed and form a river in between.

To complement the bottle we have created a smart display case that also provides safe transportation and a collective packaging for 6 bottles.