Bringing together the best elements of our universe to create new care cosmetics.

Objective: To create a packaging brand for the new cosmetics brand Coseus.

Introduction: Coseus cosmetics is a true work of unique composition of the components of the world around us. Nature consists of a huge number of microelements, which unite and start to work together. By using simple elements in unique combinations, we get effective formulations that make the consumer feel at the highest level.

Solution: The universe is multifaceted and limitless in its possibilities. Man is surrounded by a huge number of substances, materials from which it is possible to create something new. The metaphor of the brand is a starry sky: an infinite number of stars, which man connects in a unique constellation. And so Coseus cosmetics forms unique constellations from the elements around us. Each such constellation encrypts the composition and main elements of the product.

Visual solution: All the graphics of the products are built dynamically: the outline of the flavor or inner substance is split into a primitive geometric figure, the bases of which represent the stars themselves. On the cardboard box, the constellations are extruded and remain an inconspicuous cryptic element that aims to create an emotional connection through tactile sensations. The constellations are delicately signed, maintaining the aesthetics of the starry sky map. This approach allows you to generate infinitely many constellations to create differentiated rulers.

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