The objective of the project was to create packaging for the new product of the old Spanish premium olive oil brand Biancolilla for a new segment of the modern audience.

In 1888, Lorenzo Barbera and Brother Vincenzo founded an olive and citrus farm on the outskirts of Palermo. Competent partnership with the influential Florio family of that time, the company successfully develops and enters international markets. The territory of the plantation is located in a unique place that is no longer found on the planet. It is this location that allows you to get the original variety of olives that are used to make premium oil. However, over time, people’s lifestyle changes and new segments of the target audience of young ambitious people who want to get a premium product in a modern solution appear.

Since the main feature of the product is its territorial position, it was decided to display the terrain and the exact coordinates of the plantation in the packaging design. The use of a modern massive grotesque visually distinguishes the packaging from conservative competitors. Much attention is paid to packaging materials. The use of wood and high-tech printing creates a feeling of natural origin of the product, which emphasizes the values ​​and the main advantage of the brand. The label is made in a newspaper style, imitating conservative technologies for delivering information, but it uses relief extrusion technology, which also refreshes the solution. Also, each bottle of oil is hand-signed with information about the number of hand-picked olives for this product, which also emphasizes the value of unique manual production.

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