Plenium is a new brand of cosmetic care products and home furnishings. Every girl needs time alone with herself, away from the daily bustle, to recharge her energy for further achievements. Our task is rebranding an existing brand of cosmetic products. It was necessary to create a single visual system for all brand communication as well as to rebrand the packaging of the products.

The name of the brand Plenium comes from the word “captivating”. The main target audience of the brand is girls aged 27-35, mostly creative and business class. Cosmetics is a way to find life balance, to take care of yourself and to spend time alone with yourself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A girl who uses Plenium cosmetics is always looking for a way to look at the world from a different angle, inspired by new shapes and unusual combinations.

Every woman’s ritual begins in the bathroom. This is a kind of real portal to the atmsphere of self-care. A girl always performs her rituals in front of the mirror, which in most cases is fogged up by water vapors. Thus, the characteristic movement of each person, wiping the fogged up mirror, formed the basis of the visual language.

Bright dynamic line combined with the side typography runs through all channels of communication, takes all forms. The character is smooth, pastel shades, referring to the feminine tenderness and flexibility. The system provides for a dynamic line depending on the product line. The color, shape, thickness, texture of the line can change.

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