Techxturas Sonoras homenaje a la memoria literaria de México


Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

It is an album that makes this alchemy proposed by Jairo Guerrero tangible, where experimental electronic sound and the auditory memory of some of the most famous literary protagonists of our country come together, such as Rosario Castellanos, Juan José Arreola, Efraín Huerta, María Enriqueta Camarillo. and others to pay homage to literary culture.
It is a fusion that, whether live or now on this album, is faithful to one of its objectives, to build a social fabric through music, generating bridges that unite present generations with the heritage of our past.

Jairo Guerrero, who, like many, misses the value of the physical disc in the streaming era, wanted this disc, -like a book-, to also be a tribute to the mechanism of memory, restoring dignity to the object; for this reason, the disc is also presented in CD format.

Its print is full of design details that evoke the wear of the pages of a book mistreated by the years. It is a recycled cardboard digipack with a crystalline tray. Below the CD with a spiral photo layout, you can see a circle with some writers’ visual collage.

The album has just been released and will compete at the 2024 Latin Grammys.