Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

Animetrías: Tape Looping Explorations

Sound asymmetries. Manipulation. Arrhythmic sounds, frequency irregularities, and environments are lost in the synapses of listening. Sonic landscapes that defy conventional expectations. Sound Asymmetries is a sensory journey proposal by sound artist Jairo Guerrero, recorded using the technique of tape looping, through which he weaves unique sonic narratives.

The recording of this album captures tape looping experiments made with cassette tapes to create repetitive sound loops. Audio tracks were recorded on cassette tapes and then assembled in old casings that were played back on a TASCAM multichannel recorder.

This technique is primarily used to create repetition effects, sound textures, and layers in music. Jairo Guerrero manipulated the cassette tapes by stopping, rewinding, speeding up, slowing down, and cutting them into fragments, among other techniques, to experiment with different effects and sounds. It’s a creative and experimental method of music production that has been used in a variety of genres, especially in electronic and experimental music.

For this reason, for its presentation, two formats were conceptually mixed: the intervention of the packaging with parts of cassettes assembled with magnetic tape, which contextualized the project and served as a kind of wrapping for the album, and the digital CD format to embrace the electronic and digital aspects of the process.

These experiments are also available for streaming so that you can appreciate them.