Niño Santo is an orange and turmeric juice for adults that contains 10mg of psilocybin, the psychotropic compound found in magic mushrooms. The entire concept is based on a psychedelic mind trip using an optical illusion that makes the label move if you look at it. The label with a careful technique has laser stamping, embossing and a very original die-cutting and is crowned with a stopper referring to these mushrooms.

Curator’s Insight: The name Niño Santo, which means “holy child” in Spanish, is a nod to the Mexican folk saint who is associated with healing and miracles. The design of Niño Santo is a bold and playful expression of the brand’s identity and vision, as well as an invitation to explore new dimensions of taste and perception.

The design of the label is a masterpiece of optical illusion that creates a dynamic and captivating visual experience for the consumer. The label uses laser stamping, embossing and a unique die-cutting technique to create a pattern of concentric circles that appear to move and vibrate when viewed from different angles. The effect is enhanced by the contrast between the black background and the bright orange color of the juice. The label also features a clever reference to the magic mushrooms that are the source of psilocybin, with a stopper that resembles a mushroom cap.