Porter & Think Packaging for Coffee Supreme


2c/1 Beresford Square, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

When Supreme recently swapped the cup for a can with the release of its Coffee Supreme Iced Coffee collection, they turned to Porter to help them build a box fit for its consumer and press debut. To house the 3-piece coffee-in-a-can collection, the Think x Porter Mailer Box was given the Supreme treatment, utilising the custom features of this drawer-box design with strong attention to detail evident in every facet of the packaging.

Double-sided printing brings the brand’s visual identity to life, enveloping the box with an interplay of captivating graphics and carefully selected typography. A seamless serrated tear strip opening builds anticipation for the reveal of the contents within. While inside, a custom insert snugly cradles three cans of the newly unveiled Coffee Supreme Iced Coffee, ensuring safety during transportation while adding an extra element of care and sophistication.

Curator’s Insight: This Mailer Box is a super fun and stylish way to get your iced coffee fix. The box has a drawer that you can pull out to see the three cans inside. The box is not only pretty but also smart. It has a special insert that keeps the cans in place and safe from getting squished or dented. The insert also makes the iced coffee look more classy and fancy. The box is made from strong and green materials that last long and don’t harm the environment.

The box is a great example of how packaging can make a product more awesome and attractive. It shows how Porter knows what their clients and their customers want and like. It also shows their skill and imagination in making high-quality and custom packaging solutions. I love how they captured the spirit of Supreme and Coffee Supreme in this box.


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2c/1 Beresford Square, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Design: Coffee Supreme
Structural design: Think Packaging
Production: Porter Packaging
Coffee Supreme