CF Napa Brand Design

2787 Napa Valley Corporate Dr, Napa, CA 94558, USA

Lightburn Spirits came to CF Napa to develop a premium whiskey from the ground up. This new brand needed to capture the beauty, people, and independent spirit of West Virginia and the crafted care put into every bottle. The name “Rimfire” was developed as an ode to Eli “Rimfire” Hamrick, a mountaineer and one of West Virginia’s most iconic figures.

CF Napa developed a flask-style custom bottle with cartouches of the brand name on the sides and back. For the label, CF Napa commissioned an illustration of the adventurous Rimfire exploring the breathtaking West Virginia landscape. Intricate gold foil details light up the drawing, branding, and whiskey information against the bold blue label. A custom wooden T-top with an inset metal coin modeled after a West Virginia coal coin was crafted for the closure. The packaging design captures the spirit of adventure and invites the imbiber to live boldly, free, and independently.

Curator’s Insight: The bottle is shaped like a flask, evoking a sense of adventure and exploration. The label features a stunning illustration of Eli “Rimfire” Hamrick, a legendary mountaineer who embodies the independent spirit of the state. The gold foil accents add a touch of elegance and contrast to the rich blue background. The closure is a unique wooden T-top with a metal coin that pays homage to the coal industry that shaped West Virginia’s history. The design is a successful fusion of craftsmanship, storytelling, and visual appeal that sets Rimfire Whiskey apart from other brands in the market.