Vinjak. Made in the same way as cognac is one of the most iconic spirits made in Serbia. In recent times, Vinjak has lived to its big comeback in popularity with several distilleries launching Vinjak to the market. Creating the label and package for such an iconic drink, made by two legends of the industry was a project we treated with a special love.

To connect the tradition and heritage of Serbia, Podrum Palić distillery, and the Serbian version of cognac, our inspiration came from the tower (an integral part of the Podrum Palić identity) and embedded it with rays of sunshine pay tribute to fertile fields specific to the Palić region.

The product is the result of the collaboration of renowned experts – oenologists Srđan Lukajić from Zvonko Bogdan Winery and Podrum Palic’s head technologist Aleksandar Runčev. Their unique collaboration served as inspiration for the label highlight.

Chosen typography model for the inscription VINJAK is “Platan BG” by award-winning Serbian typographer Ivana Cirovic from Valjevo.

This unusual combination of features, in which a sans-serif base gets some serifs, follows the trends of modern typography and expands large typographic families with a new variety. Its elongated proportions give elegance, and its dual nature makes them suitable for both graphic design and typesetting.

With its Serbian origin, it completes the idea of honoring heritage and tradition.