Botaniq – Packaging Design

Description: Creation of a line of Environment Diffusers with packaging and scents that are different from those seen in the competition.

What is the project: How to sell a premium product without the customer knowing the essence? This was our starting point:

  1. Delight with the look: Manually assembled glass, creating a unique composition for the customer;
  2. Really perfume: Quality in the choice of inputs, rich ingredients that provide a high explosion of aroma;
  3. Care and Zeal for an incredible delivery of the product. From opening the transport box to using the diffuser.

What is the objective: Differentiation. We are inspired by the world of distillates to provide a true customer experience: The wax that seals the product like a beverage bottle, the botanical elements with flowers and leaves chosen and deposited in the glass one by one, a label that delicately bears the brand so that the interior is seen without interference, a porcelain cap to maintain the appeal of the wax… The product has a great visual appeal and, above all, it truly perfumes the environment!

Defense: Botaniq has a format that is the opposite of those offered on the market, it has a visual appeal as incredible as its aroma, and above all, it is a true decoration item.