Homewrecker – Converting the UK to a Southern Classic


Falmouth, UK

Pimento Cheese… a long-loved southern states favourite, but unknown in the UK. We needed a brand to create a category, cutting through the crowded cheese spread market with a recognisable Southern States tone.

The Concept
Making the unfamiliar, familiar. Reflecting the warmth and charm of the American South to make an ingredient Brits don’t know, feel like the warm hug it delivers in any dish.

The Impact
A brand identity and packaging ready to go to retail.

Positive Change
We wanted to create a brand that reflected the natural warmth and charm that exudes from people from the southern states (including Jane, the brains behind Homewrecker). Approachable, happy and disarmingly welcoming, people are drawn to them and feel instantly comfortable around them.

Homewrecker cheese has that same quality. An unfamiliar ingredient that instantly feels familiar. A warm hug that keeps you coming back for more time and again. We created an identity that pulled on the typefaces of American signage alongside a handcrafted script font that felt approachable and welcoming. The colour palette reflected the warmth and comforting nature of the ingredients, whilst also stepping outside of the cheese category norms.

Our brand mascot was full-on 1950s Americana. A fun-loving and confident character that everyone felt like they knew. We developed a tone of voice and messaging that felt authentically southern states in tone without falling into cliche. All of these assets came together on packaging, social media and website to create a distinctive brand that instantly felt like it had heritage.

Curator’s Insight

What’s so special about this design is the perfect blend of old and new. It’s like mixing the boldness of classic American billboards with a touch of modern handcrafted elegance. The result? A packaging that feels both approachable and sophisticated—a true treat for the eyes!

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