Roost Winery – cold climate wines


Falmouth, UK

Kingdom & Sparrow evolved the identity and created the packaging for a new format of cold climate wines.

Roost Winery is based in The Blue Mountains, Canada.  A beautiful location surrounded by lakes, rivers and hiking routes. But where it can hit -50 degrees – a difficult place to have a vineyard. Roost have successfully developed their own hand grown and harvested cold climate varieties.

They came to us for branding for a new product; 200ml bottles ideal for a barbecue, picnic or lakeside lunch. The new brand needed to appeal to this outdoor lifestyle audience, without losing the connection to the existing brand or their natural philosophy.

Our in-house design team created a hand-painted grape and vine image which is utilised as part of a refreshed logo, with elements used across the rest of the brand world.

The packaging utilises the prominent ‘oo’ on ‘Roost’ to create windows for the brand identity and information. These are also used across the brand world to crop in on the illustration asset. The colour palettes were chosen to feel earthy and natural, but add a sense of warmth and approachability.