Masala Mama – Authentic Indian cuisine


Falmouth, UK

Masala Mama makes cooking easy for their US audience. Kingdom & Sparrow took them from New York street food to a category-challenging, national brand with a range of accessible, convenient Indian home cooking products.  Masala Mama’s punchy flavours and Indian heritage have informed a vibrant brand that stands-out on shelf amongst its competitors with a bold, bright identity.

The Concept

It’s all about representing that authentic product and Masala Mama herself – all-natural family recipes with big, punchy flavours, combined for a stand-out product.

The impact

In Wholefoods across the US, alongside the Fresh Market and Diebergs.

Positive Change

Masala Mama is an independent, minority woman-owned business that now lives in people’s lives across cities and towns in the US. They’re bringing easy, healthy family cooking to people’s lives using the recipes handed down through generations.

“We’ve been working with Masala Mama since 2017 and it’s been such a joy to be part of their growth and launch into Wholefoods. Founder Nidhi is an art graduate so collaborating with her on the Maqsala Mama character and building her creativity into the design has been part of the brand over the last few years. It’s helped to keep it authentic, not just to Nidhi’s Indian heritage but to who she is as an artist and incredible cook.

Since we launched their simmer sauces they’ve extended their portfolio into ‘heat and eat’ bean pouches, continuing to innovate in their category and making healthy, flavourful Indian cuisine even more accessible.” – Sophie Cowles, Client Director


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