Lafayette is a Saudi company that manufactures a group of healthy food products that are carefully harvested from honey bees and our farms in Europe and run by health experts and nature lovers who are determined to provide the finest natural products free of preservatives in Saudi Arabia. Our products are rich in nutritional benefits while

From Saudi Arabia, we tell you the story of the Lafayette, a beekeeping family, which reflects an inherited culture, identity, and profession- Beginning in 2022, the family had a different approach to expanding and exporting outside the borders of the Saudi Kingdom, and it required creating a flexible visual identity that reflects originality and modernity and suits the new market. We chose the colors of the identity based on the color of honey produced within the family walls And we created different graphics to support the visual identity that reflects the culture and forms of family members. retaining their taste The wonderful that will make Lafayette an essential part of your favorite meals and a friend for all family members.


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