Magnum Double Limited Editions


Independent design agency Sunhouse doubles the pleasure with its designs for Magnum® Double Sunlover and Magnum® Double Starchaser, two new extra indulgent limited editions ice creams.

With lockdowns and social distancing a thing of the past, Magnum® wanted the world to enjoy the pleasure of being together again with two new Doubles variants pushing flavour and indulgence in ice cream to a whole new level.

Sunhouse designed dual identities for the new limited edition offerings that encouraged consumers, particularly those in the Gen Z crowd, to lose themselves and their inhibitions in summer’s most iconic moments. The creative needed to work beyond pack, providing the visual assets to bring the brand’s “Pleasure is Always On” campaign to life across multiple touchpoints.

By fearlessly tapping into the festival spirit, the playful designs for Magnum® Double Sunlover and Magnum® Double Starchaser spark the desire for connection whilst also amping up excitement for the iconic ice cream brand. Magnum®’s equities have been reimagined to immerse consumers in hyper-sensorial landscapes of maximum indulgence whilst new iconography adds rich detail, giving consumers new layers to discover and experience.

“As always, the team at Magnum invited us to seek inspiration in unexpected places to create an expression that felt bold and totally unique,” comments Sally Knapton, Partner at Sunhouse. “In this instance, we found that inspiration in outdoor summer festivals. Both the radiant dayscape of Magnum® Double Sunlover and the cosmic nightscape of  Magnum® Double Starchaser capture the hedonistic energy and tribal spirit that make summer festivals so thrilling to be a part of.”

The concept came to life at Magnum’s legendary annual party at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Working alongside Magnum’s creative agency collective, we developed an event bringing together pleasure seekers worldwide to celebrate the Pleasure Is Always On campaign. An unforgettable event, filled with A-list celebrities and influencers, and featuring a performance by JVKE, who collaborated with NASA technologies to create music that incorporated the sound of the sun, further amplifying the concept of these limited edition products.

“The launch of Magnum® Double Sunlover and Magnum® Double Starchaser promises to give pleasure-seekers a summer to be revelled in and remembered,” comments Ben Curtis, Global VP at Magnum®. “I look forward to seeing all the ways this visionary work continues to come to life this summer.”